Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Secrets of Storytelling

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The best kind of story is always saturated from start to finish with Grace.  While I am far from the end of my telling, I must pause to say that this birthing has not been easy and that perhaps the hardest part of my story's plot is the ugliness that surfaces from within this weak character.  I am, after all, the type of character who desperately needs redeeming, and that truth isn't comfortable.

But, when things fall apart, Grace really is the punch line, the kicker that blows away all our misconceptions and misgivings.  And not the maid-turned-into-a-princess kind of kicker but the ugly-wicked-hag-transformed-into-the-lovable-bride kind.  It rushes in unexpected and breathes light into the darkness, beauty into the ugliness, life into the death.  Grace is the hero, the One who forgives and heals those self-inflicted soul wounds and then writes a whole new beginning, not one that necessarily wipes out the old but uses it, redeems it.  He is a skillful yarn weaver, taking the worst kind of character, the worst kind of ending to produce something beautiful.  Those threads we would rather cut out and tuck out of sight become the stuff of his great workmanship.  And we dare not critique him with a disapproving eye for His choice of materials.  After all, we only see from our side, the side with all the knots and unharmonious mix of colors.  Our dislike for our view of the picture is only natural.  But, our Grace God takes our hand and guides us around to the His side, the right side where the glory is revealed.  And we are left, yes, breathless.

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