Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finding Theology in the Grocery Store

I just needed to rush in for five things.  Beef for stew, celery with the leaves, carrots, spinach, and waffles.  With only Little E on my hip today, I moved along the aisles.  Basket in the other hand, I scooped up all I needed for a big pot of comfort.

We made it to the check out counter.  Ten items or less.  Grabbing a Snickers bar, I congratulated myself on the fact that the cream puffs I really wanted weren't in the basket.  An older gentleman chatted with the cashier and then stopped abruptly.  Smiled large at the baby clinging to my shoulder.  Commented about how she had made his day.  Nothing prettier than a baby.   I smiled back oblivious to the whole process as my five items ran over the scanner and into a bag.  I simply swiped my card, said "thank you",  took my grocery bags, and headed on my merry way.  Except...

She had checked me out and bagged my groceries the day before, and I noticed her more then.  She doesn't smile.  Barely says a word.  Again today.  And as I pulled out of my parking space, I noted that I would be sure next time to go to Charles's lane.  He always makes my day.  Talks to me about what I am cooking, his family, smiles.

Then, out of nowhere, He intrudes on my thoughts.  

Isn't that why He sends me out each day? To be light to those in the darkness of no smiles, no concern from others, no "have a nice days?"  And I, I only wanted what I could get from the grocery store.

And I have to ask.  But the answer turns my blood cold and my cheeks hot.  How much of my life do I live this way?

Then, the challenge came.  What if I only went to her lane?  Every. Single. Time.  Stopped living for myself and seeking others who will fill my bags.  My comfort and my happiness are not bound up in the Charleses, in making sure that I am looked after and fulfilled in the grocery lane.  He fills me in His bounty so that I can be poured out for others.  So that that cashier can know the smile that will make her life, will fill her bag to the brim in the middle of a world that demands and expects from her.  All this is because it's not what I take away from the grocery store but what I can leave behind.

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