Monday, June 20, 2011

The Symphony

In the ebb and flow of tides, I am learning to listen.  The demands of daily existence rush in hard against me far too often, and all I hear is a cacophonous roar.  I want to cup hands to ears and run for cover.  But, it is in the shelter of His hands cupped around me that I can hear the symphony.  The rhythmic surge and crash is meant to tune my ears to hear a little more of Him in the noise. 

How it is His hand that reaches into the deep tumbling current to lift me out.
How it is the wonder of His nature that raises me to ride high on the crest of the wave. 
How it is His love breaking over and over that softens jaded edges.

My words are few these weeks at the beach. May I ask that you indulge me a little and allow this space, for a short while, to speak more through image than word, as I learn this sancta simplicitas, a holy simplicity?

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