Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sancta Simplicitas: Home

My soul sighs.  We're home.   Snuggling in our beds.  Enjoying the garden.  Exploring our own town as though it is our first time here.  Everyday is an opportunity to discover something new.  A search for helicopters-planes (a one word creation with a sharp rise in intonation at the end by Little Bug, whose new name, I think, will be The Pilot) led us to some amazing discoveries.

In this hanger, we found of whole group of folks restoring Cobras, something the Navigator saw through these bars and from afar.  They warmly invited us in to watch their work. 

An urban sustainable farm complete with a tilapia pond, beehives, and a Chilean chicken that lays green eyes was tucked away right next door to the small airport.

A walk through a cemetary dating back to the 19th century lends itself to some interesting history discussions and hunts for the oldest tombstone.

The very bricks his Nana and Papa walked as students...and where they fell in love.

I now have a Kindle, a gift from my mom!  Waiting for my husband to arrive after midnight, the cool of the night and my Kindle kept me company. Ahhhh, home.


  1. Welcome home, Beth! I so enjoyed your posts while you were away and am looking forward to more now that you're home! Have fun with your new Kindle!

  2. Just wanted to say, "I miss you!" But hope you're getting settled and I'm sure, gearing up for the coming school year. Hope you're all doing well!!!!

  3. Hi Beth, I'm so glad you visited me 'cause now I can visit you. I see we have a lot of the same likes :) And have a lot of the same books.
    Saw your backpack :)

  4. Beautiful pictures. Don't you LOVE the kindle? I never thought I would, being such a book-lover but now I can't live without it.

  5. Audra- Thanks my friend. I've missed interacting on your blog. Awesome posts of late.
    Jodi- So glad you visited. I'm ejoying having The Curious Acorn pop up in my reader now.
    Stephanie-Thank you, and yes! The only problem is that now I feel sucked into this crazy vortex of one click purchases that magically appear as if from nowhere.
    By the way, did anyone else notice "the chicken that lays green eyes"? I just caught that and must have been half asleep when I hit publish.