Monday, August 15, 2011

Morning Music

We've been working in recent days on new habits for a new year, and my favorite starts early with the two little ones.  Little Women is by far the best morning soundtrack, a way to set the tone for the day.  I plug it into the DVD player, light the candles, and we share a gentle waking to a new day.  And on the days I "get it right" we gather around the Word.  A small celebration of redemption.  A reminder before the hard tools of sanctification chistle away at all that is not Jesus that the promise remains.  All things newAll things new! And then those tools take on a different feel, a whole new meaning.


  1. Exactly right. I just started insisting on more classical music in the house it calms my girls. And I struggle with it but we try really hard to start with the Word before we move into checking off our lists...

  2. Thats a great soundtract. I love the movie too.

  3. Hi Beth
    What a beautiful soundtrack - I love the music - wonderful to play around the house!
    Have a lovely day