Friday, September 9, 2011

Dancing in Godlight

The Navigator's home early for the weekend, and I'm trying hard to keep up our early morning opening of a week's worth of bottled up events.  But, the squeals from the other room are drowning my every word.  I am annoyed.  I can never carry on a conversation.

"Bubbles.  Bubbles.  Bubbles. Coming through the window!"

I finally give up when the corner of my eye catches him dancing, with arms wilding waving overhead in that sunbeam, common dust sprinkling divine beauty over the room.  It pours in just like he said, through the small half glass perfect for looking at morning Glory.  That boy is lost in the wonder of the Infinite in the infinitesimal.  And I almost miss it in all my self-important, wild, hand-talking activity. 

I learn this lesson well:  when "patches of Godlight" rain down on you, the only thing left to do is dance. 
In the school of adoration the soul learns why the approach to every other goal had left it restless...In the prayer of adoration we love God for himself, for his very being, for his radiant joy.  ~Douglas Steere, Prayer and Worship
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