Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Beautiful Collision

I threw my head back and belted out a good laugh every time The Proclaimers' "500 Miles" came on the radio.  Eighteen years ago, this was the song we grabbed hold of.  Silly as it was, it seemed define the start of our story.  He was well over 500 miles away and fought every chance he had to get to me, burning the road along the way.

We had to separate in those early days, me with only an emerald ring on my finger.  Purity begged for one more day while Passion pounded hard at the door.  So, he took to the road, back to his home where Distance could stand guard over Purity's heart.  But, when the road shortened and curved back to me, the vigilant watchman weakened, and we struggled on our own to stay within the lines that separate the smooth ride from the head on collision on the other side.   We swerved and drifted and hit the bumps that sent us spinning and by grace avoided the crash until we met in the middle and made a home in each other.

We're still on that crazy ride.  The road that now takes him 500 or more miles to work always twists in the oddest, most poetic of ways to lead right back home.   And Purity, she still pleads for another day, but Passion joins her cause, closing the distance.  It's the hope of that beautiful collison that burns up the road home and drives us time and again headlong into one another.  


  1. I really, like the Proclaimers - my husband - not so much.

    Distance is hard - be it emotional or physical.

  2. Yeah. So I am going to have that song stuck in my head for days now. Thanks. {wink}

  3. LOL! Love that song. :) And yes, I'll have it stuck in my head too. ;) So good to see another great post from you and I hope you are all well and good. Much love sent your way.

  4. wow your writing is like poetry! lovely post x