Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Glory Mirroring

My mission has been to make something, anything each day.  A couple of sentences for a new post.  A sweet little reading nook for my smaller ones.  Or just simply an environment that encourages my older ones to jump in to Glory mirroring. 

Found here.  I've become an expert paper boat creator.  We've tried this one but haven't quite figured it out.  Paper crafts aren't as easy as the instructions may imply.  The secret to a dry boat: freezer paper.

Playing with aperture.

The best kind of found fun in an old box of science bits and pieces: a natural pulley system.  I just wish I could remember where I bought this over six years ago.

I've been wanting to try my hand at one of these, and when the perfect piece of wood (from the mountains and not the beach) found its way into my hands, I couldn't resist giving it a go.

Triple Berry Cream Cheese Tart recipe from The Organic Family Cookbook paired with perfect locally grown berries.  Mmmmm.

Dipping my feet into sewing just a bit.  Starting easy with pillow covers.  After I made a pair of these, I decided I really didn't want to go with orange and blue in the room.  

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  1. Oh my word!!!! I love these photos (you just get better and better) and you aren't going to believe this, but I have actually been looking for coral orange throw pillows!!!!! Our new place has coral painted on the inside of ivory built-ins (it sounds weird but looks pretty awesome) and I'm trying to tie in our sage green couches. :) Unfortunately, my pillows are bigger than 14x14 (yes, I went *right* away and measured -grin-), but you are inspiring me that sewing covers is probably the way to go! Now to just learn how to sew and buy a sewing machine.... :)

    I'm so glad that you are finding ways to use your creative talents . . . you have so many beautiful gifts!!!!!