Monday, October 8, 2012

A Corner

Nothing elegant or sophisticated.  Just a simple, quiet space to call my own, where the kids gather around to play or share their own thoughts or just to pop in for a moment.  I hold the moments in this little corner close.
Dollar composition books are easily transformed with some kraft paper, alphabet rubber stamps, and glue.  Simple labeling using typeset stamps graces the covers: the thoughts, in the library, at the sewing table, the hours...
Scripture memory cards from Emily at Jones Design Company.
While you're at the cutting, gluing, and stamping, make a small one for the kids. 
I'm typing this post through what I hope are some real, lasting contractions.  Pray my friends that this baby boy comes soon.  Today would just be nice.


  1. This is beautiful! I love the composition books! What a great idea. And I LOVE the butterflies! I have a basket just like that and may have to copy your beautiful artwork!!!! :) Praying for you friend. As my husband loves to say, "May your children be born naked and screaming." ;)

  2. And they were!!! All beautiful, Beth!