Friday, October 12, 2012

Now We Are

Just fifteen minutes after posting this, I stood up to head downstairs to update my husband, and my water broke.  Two and half hours later, Gabriel, our sixth, made his grand entrance via water birth into our family, into this wonderful world.  All the waiting, the timing, the longing met together in the perfect pitch of a newborn cry and glimpses of gold-red hair and daddy's chin laid upon my chest.  So few pictures of those early moments together only three of us, swimming deep in emotion.  But then some moments are meant just to be lived, releasing slowly their intense warmth to brand the image into hearts of flesh.

Even now as he roots around and coos, he melts me in ways I can't, won't ever be able to tap out into words.  They've all done that.  Undone me.  Unraveled my tense, closed off places, leaving a string trail back to these precious times.  I take a deep breath of newbornness and know that the scent of heaven, of new birth is all over these days.


  1. "swimming deep in emotion" . . . "the scent of heaven" Yes. Beautiful words, beautiful family, Beth! I wish I knew them all.

  2. THIS MAKES ME SO, SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!! =D So, so happy he is here, safe and sound, and that your sweet family is complete (for now at least -grin-). Love you so much and that baby boy is complete bliss . . . even from here. Much love sent your way. And I simply love your decorating, btw. I think we have the same exact taste. :)

  3. your family is beautiful and he is precious with that downy blond hair. soak it up, mama.