Sunday, October 7, 2012


The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera. ~Dorthea Lange
(quote found at Shutter Sisters, one of my new favorite sites)
My due date has come and gone, and now we wait.   We've lived here before in the long wait for new life where the bank account slowly drains but the small moments fill to the brim.  With Dad home, time is abundant.  And we watch in the waiting and learn how to see, savor, and suck the marrow out of the beauty he bestows on our days.   Someday my words will return, and now I am happy to take lessons.  To learn the small beginnings of wonder that leads to worship.
Seeing beyond the fashion disaster and fear of the self portrait to the belly that (most likely) will be the last, to the gift of a child we thought we lost, to the blessing of a life planned before time.  (Framed poetry free at Dear Lillie, a quote for every month of the year.)
The Master Designer was at work in lights and shadows and fog and tiny little geniuses in the night.

Pumpkin spice play dough
Letting them make their mark.  My journal is a safe place to hide their art, their love.  Note the date and treasure the gift.


  1. Beth!!!! I am SO happy to see a pic of you and that sweet baby's waiting place. I'm so glad you're capturing the beauty of you and your mama-love. Love you SOOOOOOO much.

  2. such a sweet post. waiting and praying with you. sending love. xo

  3. Thanks, Amy and Audra. You two have been my best encouragement! And Audra, that picture was for you :-). Love you both!