Saturday, January 19, 2013


It started as four.  Four things I knew I wanted to take priority every day.   The list grew to five when I realized the thing, the most important one of all was left out.  Now the Five will guide our days, though I long for them to come into their own organically, slowly, gently.  A little here and a little there until a sweet rhythm establishes itself and the five are counted on and eventually longed after. 
1.  Time in the Word
2.  Time creating
3.  Time outdoors regardless of the weather

 4.  Time in books, piles and piles of them
5.  Quiet time in our own spaces
This one has surprised me most of all.  The younger ones ask for it, and the sound of their sweet play is lyrical.  Sometimes, yes, it is punctuated with a harsh note. But, the general song is, well, music to my ears.

Want to join along in Five this year?  I have great hopes.


  1. I love your Faithful Five and totally want to join in! I would definitely love to be more proactive about time in the Word and time outside. Now I'm inspired! :)

    1. Totally stealing "Faithful Five"! Love it. And so glad you'll join us. Tweak it and make it your own to fit your desires for your home.

  2. Love this! Really and truly.