Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sluggish Sunday

Home sick this morning, baby and me, while all others are out fellowshipping.  So I snuggle down with good books and great podcasts and break the Bread with brothers and sisters across great expanses of time and space.  I fellowship.  My soul is nourished and healed and breathes a little easier even if my body does not.

Join along in your own time:

The Rabbit Room Podcasts   "The Art of Spiritual Subtext"  (Sigh)  If you're into books, you'll love the conversation between these two women. 

The White Horse Inn  I'm listening to the series on the Gospel of John.  Listen in "Behold the Lamb (part II)  for a surprise about Jacob's ladder.  Beautiful!


  1. I realize that I'm a little behind on my reading, but I hope you are feeling better and have gotten lots of snuggles between this post and now. ~Gasp~ That beautiful baby! Beth!!!!! Look at that miracle!

    1. We got well only to start a new round this week. But, I am so thankful the illnesses have been mild, the baby hasn't been sick, and my husband has been home (out of work at times has its benefits).

      And, yes, he is such a little, beautiful miracle. We treasure every day.