Friday, February 1, 2013

Five for Five: Last Week of January

I promise I will get my writing mojo back soon. (Keep repeating...I will write again. I will write again.  I will write again.) 

We've had some psycho weather in the South of late.  Three days of record highs.  Four days of turtle neck sweaters and scarves.  Me?  I'm still wearing a healthy bit of baby fat and sporting the same old maxi skirts whether they are in style or not.  It just works and makes me feel feminine.  This from the girl who rarely stepped out in skirts as a child, and if she did, wore shorts underneath, which were sure protection against gawkers when hanging upside down from the monkey bars.

Loving the Luke study at Good Morning Girls via email with some sisters at church.  They have some of the best insights and encourage me everyday.

Check out Ginny's blog for great ideas like this homemade lickable stamp glue. You'll have to heat it up each time since it congeals, but with the almond flavoring, it's hard to stop creating.  Makes you ask: what else is gelatin good for?!



  1. I love your photos! And maxi skirts? Yes, of course! And I'll bet you look adorable. :)

    1. Why, thank you! They are of so comfortable and hide a multitude of sins.