Friday, February 22, 2013

Winter Arrives

Winter finally makes her appearance in the deep South.  For ten glorious minutes sleet graced us with her presence.  Children, donning the few winter accessories readily available, poured from doors into the ice covered street and scooped up every last scrap of delicious cold to volley at each other.  A rainbow perfected the moment.

When the store bought version became too small (or he grew too tall), he decided to dive head long into making his own ghillie suit.  It's a painstakingly tedious process, but there is great reward in crafting.
All of my children have loved listening to The Barefoot Book of Knights. 
I have discovered two things these last two weeks: 1.  A Lent Bible plan on YouVersion.  With the back light on my phone, it's perfect for that early morning feeding with the baby.  2.  The great need to develop a Biblical Hermeneutics class for my children.  Teaching them how to study Scripture for themselves is a critical skill they will take with them throughout their lives.  I didn't get this until graduate school.  I can't think of anything more valuable to gift them with at an early age.

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