Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Why, Hello April

Ah, Babar.  We do love you enough to forgive that one little accusation that hunters are "wicked."

Imagine Childhood arrived in the mail and inspired me to dust off the sewing machine to create a little homemade fun. I love this book.  Love. It.

It's Spring Break for most of the neighborhood, and we've spent hours and hours in the cul de sac with kids weaving in and out on Ripsticks and bikes.  Laughter.  Play.  Mamas and Dads talking and sipping on coffee.  This is the sweet stuff of life, folks, and we are knee deep in it, drinking every last drop because we know these days are short.    And so we will bottle them up and, one day, unearth them from the deep recesses of time, savor their aroma, and slowly sip the memory of Glory days.   I've lived long enough now to get this way of life.  And to see it as beautiful.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. So glad that you are enjoying these wonderful days.