Friday, May 24, 2013

Off the Road

The coffee stand.
Our favorite local roaster. Personal service where the owner/barista with the coolest name remembers that I like decaf ground for a French press.

The farm.
It's where I always feel I've stepped into a Beatrix Potter book.   Cats lounge among the irises.  Chickens take awkward flight through an old barn.  A blacksmith's shop sits among the tomato vines.  This is a family affair that operates purely on the honor system.  Pick up your produce.  Drop your money in the box.  Small town in the ever expanding city.  And if we hit them at the right time, they invite the kids back to hold a new acquisition or two, a baby goat or gosling. 

The greenhouse. 
Every year we make the short drive minutes from our suburban home to purchase locally grown flowers for the front porch.

The roost.
Our local source for fresh, free range eggs. 

Grisley's really the reason we come.

The berry patch.
Though a bit of a drive at twenty minutes, Cottle's is worth it, and we pick more than enough to share with the neighbors during our cul de sac evenings.


  1. That coffee stand is right near my house. Are we neighbors? I found your blog a year or so ago with a post that was featured at The High Calling. Blessings to you, irl neighbor.

    1. Dawn,
      Get. Out! How cool is that?! I sure hope to run into you someday irl. Thanks for visiting!

  2. Oh, I think I need a glass of iced tea to go along with these pictures. :)

    And those geraniums are absolutely breathtaking! My summer favorites. :)